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“Thursday: not a good day either for mutton kidney at buckley’s, fried with butter, a shake of pepper…” 

- James Joyce, Ulysses

Our Beef

At the end of the day, it's all about the beef. And simply nobody knows more about beef than F.X. Buckley. We’ve been perfecting the art and serving the finest quality beef in Dublin for over six generations. We’re not exaggerating when we say that we can trace every single mouthful that we serve back to the farms, where traditional breeds thrive on some of the worlds best grasslands to deliver a taste and flavour like no other.

And because we source all our meat from heifers, the meat is more tender and succulent. Add this to the distinctive marbling of our beef, which comes from grazing them for two years or more, and you can see why F.X. Buckley is a byword for meat par excellence. We also dry-age our beef for 28 days in state-of-the-art meat lockers, which further adds to the flavour. Dry-aging means that we lose up to 20% of the meat’s weight, but we think that this is a small price to pay for beef that’s simply out of this world.

Once our beef is ready for the table, it’s cut to your taste by our master butcher in your chosen F.X. Buckley restaurant and then cooked to perfection at 350o in our high-temperature charcoal ovens, which means that all of the flavour and all of the juiciness is sealed in. And one last step. We hate to rush our beef, so after cooking, we rest it for at least five minutes before serving it to you, which means that the juices won't escape when you first cut into it in glorious anticipation.

After that, there’s only one thing left to say. Bon Appetit!

Traditional Heritage Breeds

For distinctive taste, all beef is from traditional heritage breeds: Angus and Hereford.

Minimum of
2 Years Old

For distinctive taste, all beef is from traditional heritage breeds: Angus and Hereford.


100% Irish

All beef is from Irish farms, which produce what’s considered the best beef in the world.


All our beef is from heifers – female cattle and therefore have more tender meat.


All beef is dry-aged in our specially built meat locker in Rathcoole in a closely controlled environment.

In-house Master Butcher

For freshness, a master butcher cuts our steaks in-house.


Cooked to Perfection

Our steaks are always seasoned before cooking and rested well after cooking.

Charcoal Ovens

Steaks are cooked in Josper charcoal ovens at 350°C for great flavour and to seal in juiciness.

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